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Wowza! If you told us that Meredith losing her vision would be the least dramatic part of this episode of Grey's Anatomy we would have sent you to the psych ward. Blindness aside, we also got baby-mama drama, a love triangle heating up and a brand new odd couple. What went down on tonight's Grey's Anatomy? Check it out:

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What We Learned

Cut the Line: It's no secret that Dr. Pretty Eyes has been harboring a deep crush on Little Grey. While Lexie gives Mark longing looks, Dr. Avery watches from the shadows and plots an evil plan to steal her. Okay, that's not exactly how it happened but he did spend the entire episode telling Lexie that she deserves better than to be fourth wheel on the baby train, there's more than one soulmate in the sea, blah blah blah. He's just trying to get in your pants, Lexie! But we can't blame her for being hypnotized by those ridiculous eyes and letting him cut the line of potential soulmates. Oh shiz! Hot steamy shower of the night goes to Jackson and Lexie. The Grey's Anatomy love polygon gets ever more convoluted—and we love it.

18 to Life: You know who knows about complicated baby-raising? Nancy Travis, the baby mama from the classic '80s comedy Three Men and a Baby. But while Travis plays a mother with Alzheimer's in the one room, the baby circus that is Mark, Callie and Arizona are setting up camp in the other room, arguing between the three of them about an amniocentesis. Gone are the happy pink clouds of baby fluffiness now that the reality of their three-way relationship work is setting in. Buckle your seatbelts, we'd bet this is the start of a bumpy Calzona ride. And it's not one of those nice fancy smooth modern roller coasters, but a scary carnie-operated Tilt-O-Whirl. 

Paging Dr. Evil: We haven't had the best impression of that other peds doc, Dr. Stark (Peter MacNicol). And we were all ready with our torches and indignation when he said to call Child Protective Services on the sweetest little Johnny Cash-singing boy with an Alzheimer's mom. However, in a shocking turn--one that has us seriously questioning our attraction to authority figures--Stark asked out April…on a date. We know it's odd, but somehow it works. Maybe April won't be holding onto her V-card forever. OK, wait, now we have to scrub our brains out.

Blind Love: So those side effects warnings are real, who knew? Meredith loses her vision in an alarming rate throughout this episode, all because of that future MerDer baby. While Meredith sacrifices her eyesight for a future perfect-haired baby, Cristina refuses to think about babies. Apparently when people get married they usually have a chance to talk about this sort of thing. However, Cristina was all traumatized and looking to get hitched, so it seems like Hunt and Cristina never had the big bad baby talk. What's the opposite of a shotgun wedding?

Eating Crow:  The only person who can talk sense into Chief Webber, besides his tough wife, is Dr. Bailey. Dr. Bailey, is awesome and smart and suspects the chief's wife is a secret day drinker. We think that is the most hilarious explanation of her falling. Sadly all the pieces are finally falling into place. Now we see why this Alzheimer's clinical trial was invented, to save the Chief's wife. We're going to speculate that before the end of the season the Chief will have to make a Denny-like decision to cut the proverbial LVAD wire. No, no he won't have to kill Adele but maybe get her into the trial and force Derek to give her the real medicine.

What's To Come

Baby Frustration: In case you missed it, Shonda Rhimes talks MerDer's baby frustration, Mark-Lexie's growing pains and Cristina's compassion in our exclusive interview

Grey's Goes Glee: The much talked about musical episode is coming on March 31, bringing with it: Callie baby dramz, Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" and the favorite baby doc to call in a crisis, Addison Montgomery Forbes!

Are you all for the steamy Jackson-Lexie shower sex or do you subscribe to the one soulmate-per-lifetime theory? What side effects would you suffer to get a MerDer baby? Was Three Men and a Baby your fav movie in 1987? And are you grossed out or intrigued by Stark and April? Hit the comments and let us know!

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