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    Miley Cyrus' New Boy-Toy Plays While She's Away

    Here's hoping Miley Cyrus and her costar slash boy-toy Josh Bowman aren't too serious just yet.

    Check out the video above of Josh out on the town Friday night trying to pick up chicks with his boys.

    Are he and Miley off already?

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    "Josh and two guys came in Friday night for drinks and food," a source at Maui and Sons Bar and Grill on Hollywood Boulevard tells us. "After a little while, they began chatting up two pretty brunettes at the bar. The group looked very flirty."

    Josh and his friends commandeered the center surfboard table at the Hawaiian-themed joint for about two hours and looked super into the girls, eyewitnesses tell us.

    Cameras caught Bowman & Co. leaving, and when questioned about his status with Ms. Cyrus, Josh simply smiled and shook his head.

    "We're going home," he told our shooter as he walked off down Sunset.

    Meanwhile Miley spent the night at the 1st Annual Global Action Awards Gala where she received the Global Action Youth Leadership Award.

    Maybe J.B. was just playing wingman for his boys? After all, just looking never hurt anyone, right? Either way, seems like Miles doesn't mind.

    It appears that Josh and Miley are still on, as the Disney star was spotted leaving his house Sunday night in her mom's Mercedes.

    The two met while filming their upcoming comedy So Undercover.

    These two are cute and all, but come on, Josh is so just a skid mark on the way to a Niley reunion.

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