Sometimes, no matter how great your superpowers might be, there's nothing you can do when it comes to the cutting room floor.

Such was the case when the folks behind last year's hit flick Megamind decided that this particular scene would be better off going the way of Metro Man and opted to leave it out of the finished product. 

"It's a very endearing moment for Megamind when he's at his lowest depth," producer Lara Breay says while introducing the never-before-seen clip that appears on the film's Blu-ray/DVD release on Friday . "It was a scene that we loved in isolation, but when we put the whole movie together, it really felt like Megamind was spending a little too long in the doldrums. When we played the movie without it, it really improved the overall pacing of the film, so we, reluctantly, had to lose it."

No wonder he was, er, blue.

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