The Bachelor, BRAD WOMACK


It's getting nigh on to crunch time as The Bachelor's  Brad Womack is down to a mere four women and must go through the tedious effort of telling each one how special she is, that she's the one, and describing to you, the utterly believing viewer, what an incredible connection he has. With all four women.

You know, the same connection he had with the ones he cut loose.

But when visiting Emily (whose fiance was killed in a plane crash, which the show exploits at the drop of a string-music hat) in her hometown, the challenges for His Woodeness are twofold: Brad must dredge up not only "sincere," but "respectful" from his carry-on bag of TV emotions.


"It sets the bar very high for any man to come into Emily's life. But I will try my hardest to break through to Emily."

Any by that I mean, there's no freakin' way I'm gonna let some dead guy come between me and those cans!

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