David Cassidy, Mug Shot

C'mon, get happy, David Cassidy—you just managed to stay out of the slammer

The erstwhile Patridge Family star copped a plea today in his DUI case that saw him avoid a stint behind bars.

So what kind of punishment did he get?

A court official tells E! News that in return for his no contest plea, the 60-year-old Cassidy received a reduced sentence of one-year probation and a six-month license suspension. He was also ordered to perform 50 hours of community service, pay $500 in fines and attend a mandatory alcohol-education course and a DUI "victim impact panel."

"Our criminal judges are pretty consistent, but that's pretty standard," said court spokeswoman Kara Hilson.

The former teen idol got into this scrape after Florida Highway Patrol busted him on Nov. 3 for weaving across lanes on a state road. Per a police report, Cassidy told his arresting officers that he was tired, having popped a hydrocodone tablet earlier that afternoon. Authorities also found a half-empty bottle of bourbon in the vehicle.

Hello, world, indeed.

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