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Even though drool-worthy Justin Bieber attempted to steal the show at Saturday afternoon's Rango press junket, all eyes remained on Johnny Depp before the buzzed-about Bieber crashing occurred.

The charming yet snarky actor, who voices a lizard that has to blend in and lie to a bunch of bandits so he can become a real hero someday (talk about Johnny in animated form!), made a joke out of the junket.

Questions ranged from 3-D animation to lying to kids, but what was funnier than the fact that Depp spilled to us that he forces his kids to call him the Lizard King?

That he dodged the Angelina Jolie topic hilariously.

When Mr. Depp was asked for his take on the brouhaha over The Tourist's Golden Globe nomination (aka his rumored tense relationship with Angelina), his cynical response was:

 "What was it [the situation]?" he laughed, flashing his gold-capped Captain Jack-esque teeth. "I don't know what it is. I don't follow that stuff."   

Of course the reporter, totally dumbfounded by Depp's sly answer, backed out of her Angelina-implying question. Idiot! But that didn't stop Depp from continuing on his complete non sequitur tangent:

"Wait, what? The fact that I'm pumping steroids? In fact, it's not steroids, it's suppositories," he joked.

The man is actually a comic genius on and offscreen—he made every semi-personal question a joke, and on his behalf.

When the animated flick's director, Gore Verbinski, said that what he enjoyed most about working with Depp was his smell, the actor snickered back: "I've always been told I smell good. I mean, I don't look like I smell good."

But there was something he was a little more serious about.

Depp, who is said to be in talks with Serbian director and old friend Emir Kusturica to act opposite Salma Hayek in his Pancho Villa adaptation, said he has a dilemma with playing the Mexican revolutionary; a sort of Robin Hood-meets-Don Juan kind of character.

 "I feel like it should be played by a Mexican and not some mutt from Kentucky," he so bluntly put it.

Despite laughing off several eager pushes from reporters and the director himself, Depp told us after the junket that he was wowed people think he could pull it off. How modest, right?

We think he would be amazing, as long as he doesn't have to play opposite Jolie, the female mirror image of himself.

Start brushing up on that Spanish, Johnny, please!

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