Michael Vick, Oprah

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Dear Ted:
I just heard the news that Oprah is interviewing Michael Vick. Please tell me this won't be powder puff lovefest. Oprah will see through him, right? She's a huge animal lover. She's going to expose him for the big fake he is right?
—holding out hope

Dear Hoping:
Your hoping is as good as mine. Animal lover to animal lover, I don't support any of the whitewashed publicity the unreformed (I believe) Vick's getting, including the recent honor he received from my hometown. The talk-show host's interview with the returning QB is set to air on Feb. 24 and is supposed to cover topics ranging from his time in prison, work with the Humane Society to football of course. I trust Oprah will give him a piece of her mind, as she usually does. But don't forget the last time Ms. O raked a liar over the coals: A Million Little Pieces author James Frey. She later called him up to apologize. As if!

Dear Ted:
Please tell me what really happened at the Grammys. Why is the Glee cast mad at Lea Michele? It is her 'tude? Is it something else?

Dear Too Much ‘Tude:
Not sure if you can really call it a ‘tude problem. I did say the lack of clapping for Ms. Lea when she was on stage presenting at the Grammy's could have been a misunderstanding. Maybe her pals were distracted, but then again the eye rolling from some onlookers spoke visual volumes. It's safe to say—at least based on the attention dished by Glee castmates that night—that Matthew Morrison may just be favored over Lea. Not one ounce of diva in that dude, that's for sure.

Dear Ted:
In your most recent Truth, Lies & Ted, you said you know that Angelina and Brad are still out to get Jennifer Aniston. Yet there are so many people who think it's Jen who can't move on from the whole thing. Why would two people, who are supposedly sooo secure in their family life and in each other, care so much to bother with an ex? Does Brad regret leaving his wife? Or is Angie threatened by the fact that Jen looks better than she does at six or seven years older? There's no other explanation for why they'd be so vindictive.

Dear Hold On a Minute:
I guess this is how it feels to be gossiped about: I didn't say Brangelina were out to "get Jen." I said they still let stories "get out" that they know Jen will find hurtful, i.e., I don't think either Brad or Angie take Jen's welfare to heart, still, which is pretty unfortunate. And Jen's beautiful, glossy hair and those legs for days are enough reason for vindication on anyone's part, please!

Dear Ted:
I have a Blind Vice question that's been bugging me lately. Do all three of the And It Ain'ts always have a connection to the subject, or are they completely random sometimes?

Dear Ain't Too Complicated:
It really depends. But usually they are just helpful hints to get those Blind juices going. They will for sure steer you in the right direction—and sometimes even the wrong direction could help uncover the Vice.

Dear Ted:
Which lucky lady do you think should play wife opposite Robert Pattinson in his next project, Cosmopolis? I loved the idea of Marion Cotillard to play the heiress poet, too bad she's out. Today I was struck with inspiration. What do we think of Diane Kruger?

Dear Inspired:
That's a pretty good casting call suggestion since Diane is on the brink of breaking through on the big screen. But at the same time I feel like she is a little too similar to Reese Witherspoon, Rob's costar in Water for Elephants. I'm thinking more of a Mila Kunis, if not her indeed.

Dear Ted:
I figured out King Schlong. It has to be Johnny Depp? Am I right?

Dear Not So Much:
That's a negative, but a really, really good guess, hon!

Dear Ted:
Does Harvey Weinstein have a Blind Vice? Just saw a picture of him and Emma Watson. Eww.

Dear Yucky:
Oh, Emma, steer clear, please. Weinstein is a boatfull of corruption. And to answer your query, he's had a supporting role in one.

Dear Ted:
I read what you write every day! Love it! I've read rumors that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are separated. Please tell me this isn't true! They are my favorite couple in H'wood.

Dear Crazy in Love:
Um, no, and if this were to ever happen, I'm positive the entire hip-hop industry would just collapse at its core. These two are so in it for the long run; plus, she was all smiles with him at his Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch.

Dear Ted:
Seeing that Naya Rivera has been cuddling up to Chord Overstreet just as Chord seems to be buddying up with Mark Salling, I couldn't help but wonder if Naya's trying to make Mark jealous? Or should I just chalk this up to the level of overlapping romance that happens when you force young, pretty people to spend so much time together?

Dear Gleeking With Gossip:
Chord has refuted, especially in plenty of red-carpet interviews this award season, that he cuddles up and even hold hands with all of the Glee gals. The dude is super friendly it seems, and I guess he's the only one who's willing to risk it with Rivera. As for Naya's real reason for the Chord cuddling? Probably some layer of vengeance. Wouldn't put it past her, ever.

Dear Ted:
I've always been a believer when it comes to Robsten, but the lack of photos of them together has me wondering if they are no longer an item. What will all the "Robsten" fan sites do once they call it quits?

Dear You Just Had To:
And I thought I was going to get through a chunk of Bitch-Backs sans Robsten. The most these two are going to feed their fans' salivating, vampire appetites is this picture of where Edward and Bella will be getting it on. As long as the onscreen romance is yummy, so is the offscreen. No need to worry, just yet.   

Dear Ted:
Any gossip on Dianna Agron? She can't possibly be the pure little angel everyone seems to think she is, can she?

Dear Doubting the Angel:
Try comparing her to Lea, maybe? The chick is in love, and I'm sure you know what that bug will do to a person—careless about the rest of the world, including any on and offscreen drama. That's not to say she hasn't Viced-up in her day, though!

Dear Ted:
I was at the Regis & Kelly show on Friday and Adam Sandler was the guest. He was the nicest guy and talked to the audience during commercial breaks. Is he as nice and normal as he appeared or really up to some Vicey behavior?

Dear Vice or No Vice:
Take note that you don't have to be a complete D-bag to have a Vice. A lot of our superstars are pretty chill, and über-friendly with their fans. Sandler, he's old news and not so Vicey anymore, even behind closed doors.

Dear Ted:
What's up with stars ditching their purity rings after getting in a high-profile relationship? Two that come to mind are Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez. Were they preaching the whole "purity" thing just to help sell their Disney images, only to ditch it after hooking up with their hot peers?

Dear Mickey Mouse C-Club:
Disney works one tight leash, if you ask me, but doubtful that purity rings are explicitly in that contract! I can buy Joe ditching the pure image, what with his serious relationship with Ashley Greene. But I'm hoping Selena isn't going to go bad girl just yet with Justin Bieber. Those two are still too young to get down to business. Actually, scratch that, I'm not their parents, dirty it on, you two!

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