James Franco, Anne Hathaway, Oscar

Bob D'Amico, ABC

Why are the Oscars always on Sundays? Awards shows really screw up my Mondays.
—JennyInst, via the inbox

I'm sure you really tie one on, staying up until 11:30, and probably having two whole glasses of champagne instead of the usual single MGD. You must look tore up the next day, gurl. I feel you.

But don't look for any major awards show—the Globes, the Oscars, the Grammys—to move for you, because...

...you're watching!

I called a contact behind one of the major awards shows. And he said the only reason why these ceremonies sparkle on Sundays is because people are home! And looking at the TV! To the tune of—in the case of last year's Oscars, for example—41.3 million viewers.

Those kinds of numbers would be much tougher to achieve on a Saturday, when people like you are off drinking two MGDs at the local Applebee's, right?

Need more 411 on awards show season? Well, that's what my new podcast show is for!

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