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Why Are Powerful Men Such Idiots?

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Chris Lee, Mark Sanchez
Chris Lee, Mark Sanchez AP Photo/Charles Krupa

What a week for sleazy New York dudes!

It was revealed that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, 24, was supposedly hooking up with a 17-year-old high school student. Meanwhile, married Congressman Chris Lee resigned after Gawker posted a half-naked picture he supposedly sent to a woman on Craigslist.

Are all men this stupid? Or is it just guys with power?

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Sure, a seven-year age difference isn't that big of deal in the scheme of things, but it totally gives us the creeps thinking that a guy as good-looking as Sanchez needs to go for babes who don't even have their high school diplomas yet.

Plus, this isn't the first time he's been accused of sleazy behavior.

Back at USC, Mark was arrested in connection with allegations of assaulting a 19-year-old woman at a nearby student apartment complex.

He was never charged with a crime based on lack of evidence and denied any wrongdoing.

"I've been confident that the facts would come to light and that investigators would confirm that I was innocent of the allegations against me," Sanchez said in a statement issued by the university.

Still, that didn't change campus gossip.

"Everyone on campus thought he was a creep, that is, until he started winning games and all was forgiven," a student at USC assures us.

We're assuming the same can be said of Sanchez's current situation.

True, hooking up with a 17-year-old is technically legal (in New York and New Jersey, where Sanchez lives), but just because he isn't charged in court doesn't mean he'll come away clean—in the court of public opinion. Plus, if Mark makes up for it on the football field next fall, what's a little sex scandal, right?

But how will Chris Lee have a career comeback?

After the woman who was approached on Craigslist gave Gawker Lee's PG-13 picture, a spokesman responded to the allegations saying that the congressman believed he'd been hacked.

Is he getting these excuses from Lindsay Lohan?

Let's just say we doubt it's coincidental, as he resigned several hours later.

What is it with these bozos? Does power just make you that much hornier? Or dumber?

Also, gotta ask, what's with these dudes sending pics of their bods over the friggin' Internet, à la Brett Favre and Pete Wentz?

At least, Sanchez hasn't pulled a doofus move like that.

Or has he?

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