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Is Robert Sean Leonard Hanging Up His Stethoscope on House?

Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, House Adam Taylor/FOX

"What's going on with Robert Sean Leonard and House?" "Is House canceled?" "Why aren't you reporting on RSL?" "What's happening?"

Take a deep breath, Wilson-House lovers. We got your frantic emails regarding the report that Robert might be leaving House to star on Broadway in Born Yesterday. And the reason it took us so long to get you some info is because (a) we were freaking out too, and (b) we wanted to find a reliable source to give us some answers. And we got one.

Brace yourself, House fans…

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Robert isn't going anywhere!

We asked RSL's rep if his role in Born Yesterday would affect his shooting schedule on House, and he told us exclusively: "No episodes will be missed. Production has worked it all out." The show doesn't officially open until April 24, right around the time House will wrap up it's seventh season. So don't expect Dr. Wilson to be missing from those all important episodes.

Let's all heave that giant sigh of relief together. Feels good, doesn't it? You fans had every right to freak out. The House-Wilson relationship is one of the best parts of the FOX drama, so we're happy to be able to report that there won't be any hiccups in their bromance. At least, not due to RSL kicking ass onstage. We can't promise, however, that House and Wilson won't face other issues.

Because when it comes to those two, it's always something, right?

Happy to hear that Robert is sticking around? We hope so, because we're throwing a little party over here! Won't you join us in the comments?

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