Cory Monteith, Mark Salling

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Dear Ted:
You said that a Glee guy had a Blind Vice. I hope it's not Cory Monteith. He seems so nice and laid-back, and he's Canadian. I bet it is Matthew Morrison or Mark Salling. They just seem like they have something to hide.

Dear Glee Boy Dirt:
It is hard to say if there is any stud on Glee I don't absolutely love, so I totally get your anxiety over Cory's secrets. But why is everyone always so quick to label every bad boy a Vicey prospect? We hear Mark is actually playing the field in a pretty ready-to-settle-down kind of way. Let's hope so, as long as Naya Rivera steers clear of him and whomever he's snuggling with. By the way, let's not forget that being Canadian doesn't put anyone off my radar. Still counts!

Dear Ted:
Give us some love. I adopted my "so ugly he is cute" mutt 10 years with a broken rib and a broken spirit and he was recently diagnosed with heart disease. We are all so sad. Is this King Schlong's first appearance in your Blind Vices (star, costar, not-named, revealed)? Also have any of the following ever been a B.V.: Jared Leto, Enrique Iglesias, Adam Levine?

Dear Mutt Lover:
You've had your mutt for 10 years, or you adopted him at 10-years-old? I ask because everybody wants the cute puppy, and it takes a really special soul to adopt the older rescues, bless you, if that's what you did. And King has been a side character before, but never a starring Vice—until now. Jared: yes. Enrique and Adam: no.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if you could let us know when exactly Kristen Stewart's second hookup with another castmember actually happened. Considering she was dating Michael Angarano and was also interested in Robert Pattinson, when did this alleged hookup occur?

Dear Who Cares:
Does it seriously matter? Obviously, the when is the critical part of this hookup, but I'm guessing it happened somewhere in between. Since we all know that Kristen is a loyal chick.

Dear Ted:
Is it true Robert Pattinson has an attitude problem on film sets? I heard he and David Slade didn't get along when filming Eclipse because Rob would go into a temper tantrum when things didn't go his way. But he is getting on well with Bill Condon because Bill knows how to deal with "big egos." I like Rob and find this a bit hard to believe. But I do know that he can be a bit childish. If this is true, has he had the same problem with other film directors?

Dear Male Diva:
As I continuously complain, that set is so friggin' tight it makes me too pissed to function. I wouldn't put a bitch-fit past R.Pattz, especially if it has something to do with his part in the flick. He and his love bug K.Stew take their jobs über-seriously, you know. If she's dropping F-bombs over line reading slip-ups, who knows what his mood is like on set.

Dear Ted:
So what are "the latest rumors surrounding the rift between George Clooney and Brad Pitt? I didn't think they were close friends, anyway, just work buddies. Asher the rescue cat thinks maybe Brad is learning too much toward Italian...Is George's girlfriend still in the picture?

Dear Wandering BFFs:
Georgey has bigger things to worry about than some rumors that he and his good pal Brad are in a tiff. Anyone who has seen half an Ocean's 11 movie knows there is no way those two are just costars. They are buds, always will be. And yup, Elisabetta is still connected to this hunk's hit. I would hate on her, but she's too hot.

Dear Ted:
Is King Schlong a double threat (as in actor and singer)?

Dear Pinch Yourself:
If so, he would have way too much going for him, no?

Dear Ted:
So even though just a few days ago you told us that Nelly Fang has been cheating on his lady left and right, you think he'd going to propose? Why? To throw her off the trail? My handsome golden wants to know!

Dear Nelly Suspicious:
Wish he would propose to me! Don't think he's trying to throw her off, or even put a ring on it just yet. Waiting to see how this one plays out and if his players really do play, all the time!

Dear Ted:
A Zac Efron/Chris Colfer friendship? Any thoughts on that?
—Norwegian Wood

Dear So Into It:
I feel like I can't wait to see Zac make an appearance on Glee with his buddy. Bet he could nab a part with those vocals of his. Plus, I sort of, maybe, like Colfer. He's got some potential in the acting arena for sure.

Dear Ted:
I had to let you know that in my dear Murphs memory, I adopted a 5-year-old Boston Terrier, rescued from a puppy mill. All she's done for most of her life is have litter after litter after litter. She's so sweet I call her Cupcake. Like Murph, Cupcake loves Truth, Lies & Ted. She sat on my lap and we watched your Super Bowl show together. Our question is, is the Ashley Greene-Joe Jonas romance slowing down or speeding up? And if it's speeding up, do you think they'll beat Robsten to the altar!?
—Cupcake and Liz

Dear So Serious:
Jashley, or should I say Gronas, are pretty steady. I gave you some of the dish Monday about how Ash isn't quite ready to forgive or forget the Demi Lovato situation (doubt she ever will be). This could come into play for the couple's long-term relaysh plans, or maybe even V-day? Never know what stunt that Demi could pull. Oh, and congrats on the new pup. Big kisses to Cupcake!

Dear Ted:
Is it just me, or does Adam Levine seem to be changing his bad-boy ways for model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna? I first noticed at the Victoria's Secret fashion show...He kept smiling up at her with lovey-dovey eyes. Now he's cast her in his latest video and seems to be talking about her a lot in interviews. Is this the real deal? I would love to see him settle down.

Dear Lovey-Dovey:
Adam's a bad boy by nature, but there's a goodie guy in there somewhere. Or at least we hope, for his hot GF's sake. Doubt he would ef this one up. She's too into him (and too hot) to care what he does for now. They are pretty much hand-holding and cuddling (naked for the world to see, too!) for now, but I'll keep you posted.

Dear Ted:
I saw a promo for Matthew Perry's new show and it got me wondering: Has he ever been a Blind Vice? I could see him having deeper secrets than drug addiction.

Dear Play Nice:
How much deeper can you go? The dude has been through a lot, and unlike most celebs, was pretty upfront and nipped it in the bud before it got to serious. Got to love a man who owns up to his sketchy crap! And yes, he's starred in a Vice, which most of the Friends folks have done, all except Lisa Kudrow, actually.

Dear Ted:
Is Jessica Biel boring as toast? My pound purries are dying to know?

Dear Still Snoring:
Yes, and it's pretty painfully boring. I mean she didn't even jet off to Dallas with BF Justin Timberlake for the Super Bowl. And people wonder why he keeps sneakily getting tied to Olivia Munn. She was at the same afterparty. Someone warn boring Biel, already!

Dear Ted:
I just saw Lauren Conrad's Natural High PSA and I gotta say: I love her! She and Whitney Port seem like such smart, intelligent, successful chicks who I can totally look up to. However, if anyone should burst my idol bubble, I would like it to be you. So tell me: Anything I should know about these ladies?

Dear Over the Hills:
Really? I'll agree that they seem down-to-earth and fairly normal compared to the real celebrities out there. Well, at least one of the females. From what I've heard, one of your idols can be a little desperate depending on the circumstances. I won't fully burst your bubble just yet, though!

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