Teresa Palmer, Zach Efron, Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron

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Last week we reported Glee beauty Dianna Agron was possibly headed for the altar with her I Am Number Four costar and beau, Alex Pettyfer, but once the couple's reps pulled the plug on everyone's engagement congratulations our insider still had something to say.

And it is real serious.

How refreshing after we attempt to tune out Zac Efron and Teresa Palmer's recent and racy club exploits. We're not feeling Zac's tacky PDA, almost as much as Dianna's nay-saying rep's hazy response.

"That doesn't make it true," the Glee gal's rep refuted last Friday after wedding rumors hit even People mag.

So what does make it false? Come on, the two are living together. Like sharing an apartment, a bed, a tube of toothpaste?

"When they moved in together it was pretty clear how serious they were getting," the super in-the-know source confirmed.


It's good to know some people can spot a serious relaysh when it's resonating major wedding bells in the near future.

"That's the road they are headed, if they aren't already," our source continues.

This wedding business may be bit ambiguous, but it's not like we haven't seen pre-engagement denial before. Remember LeAnn Rimes' engagement bitch-fit?

Unlike that troublesome twosome, the glam Glee babe and her hot partner would scorch up the finest of chapels. Too beautiful!

We'll quit our wedding day fantasizing, but all we're saying is we'd rather see this sexy couple flip-flop between fiancé and bf/gf status then obsess over Zach's butt-grabbing make out sesh with some plain Jane.

Because even sans proposal, we think Dianna and her hot, younger bf are actually in love. Zach and Teresa? Not so much. Especially if Vanessa Hudgens has anything to say about it.

Our eyes will be peeled for your soon-to-come left finger bling, Dianna!

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