The Super Bowl isn't just about football. It's also about ingenius commercials and brand-new movie trailers!

Johnny Depp and the Pirates crew are already getting in on the action, and now Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and the Kung Fu Panda 2 team are here, and they promise a "woking" good time.

Check out this sneak peek of the animated adventure's upcoming TV spot...

This 30-second look does not disappoint. Po is in top form as he karate chops his way through waves of challengers...and he does it without the help of Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting." (It was getting a little old.)

This time, Queen is stepping in for soundtrack support, and our team of kung fu masters aren't fooling around. They're even showing off some impressive cookware skills!

Kung Fu Panda 2 hits theaters May 27.

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