When you have not one, not two, not three, but four famous folks hogging sharing the spotlight on American Idol each week, it naturally begs the question in the title above.

"Well, he [Ryan Seacrest] would say me and I'd say Steven [Tyler] and Steven would say Randy [Jackson], Jennifer Lopez jokingly tells E! News. "Everyone has their thing. We all have our people there with us and we all take a long time to get ready."

All this diva dishing by J.Lo  took place on Wednesday in New York following the official announcement that she has been named the first brand global ambassador for Gillette Venus and thereby becoming a spokesperson the newly established Venus Goddess Fund for Education.

So does Lopez herself ever feel like a goddess?

"When I'm with my husband, when I'm watching my family, my kids with my husband. You just feel like you were part of creating this wonderful thing," she says. "It's all about those moments when you feel like you've accomplished something, you feel that confidence, you feel that security."

A feeling many American Idol contestants can relate to.

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