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Lindsay Lohan

Fame Pictures

Have Lindsay Lohan's alleged sticky fingers gotten her into another sticky situation?

The Los Angeles Police Department confirms to E! News that the embattled star is currently being investigated for grand theft in connection with the alleged theft of a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store near her home last month.

While a search warrant was obtained by authorities on Tuesday to search Lohan's Venice, Calif., residence, police never had to actually execute the warrant because the necklace was turned over to police by someone other than Lohan.

Authorities would not confirm if the person who returned the necklace was a Lohan associate.

But, despite the jewelry's reappearance, the case against Lohan isn't closed

"The case is currently under investigation," says an LAPD spokesman. "It's still ongoing."

In other words, Lohan could still face prosecution if it's proved that she did indeed steal it.

The incident in question took place on Jan. 22 and the jewelry store owner clams to have photos and video of the actress wearing the gold necklace with semiprecious stones before it went missing.

Of course, Lohan having legal troubles is certainly nothing new. Lest we forget, she is also still under investigation for the alleged assault on an employee at the Betty Ford Clinic during her recent rehab stay there.

If she is found in violation of her probation, she could wind up back behind bars.

—Reporting by Whitney English