Adam Sandler has made a second career out of dressing, shall we say, casually, whether he's being interview by David Letterman or attending the People's Choice Awards.

But finally, something other than Punch Drunk Love got him to put on a suit. And a tie!

"Enjoy the magic of this moment buddy because tomorrow a pre-op transsexual will be turning tricks on top of your name," Grown Ups costar Kevin James advised Sandler today as the funnyman was honored with the 2,431st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Aside from the fact that he owns a suit, what else didn't we know about Sandler?

According to James, Sandler is on a first-name basis with Bono, Sting and Oprah; he convinced Phil Collins to go solo after Genesis; and he invented the salad dressing that ultimately was bottled as Newman's Own.

Who knew?!

But James didn't really have to go through all that trouble, considering Sandler's kids, Sadie and Sunny, stole the show when they grabbed the mic and said, "I love my daddy."

"Let's hear it for my kids, who are now showing you that I cannot control them," the Big Daddy star joked before getting serious for a rare moment, saying that the best thing that ever happened to him was meeting his wife, Jackie, and reiterating that family is the most important thing in his life.

"It was excellent that they were here," Sandler said of his wife and kids. "It was the reason that it was extra special.  If I was here without them, I would feel that I was just missing those guys. So it was a great day for me."

Awww. But it was a great day for a dude in the audience, too, whom Sandler recognized as a former high school classmate, signed the old yearbook he was carrying and then invited him to hang out later.

Sorry, Kevin James. You've been replaced.

—Reporting by James Sullivan

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