Dianna Agron may play the part of queen bee at Glee's McKinley High, but when the actress sat down with E! News to talk about her new movie, I Am Number Four, she revealed that she only "got by" during her high school years.

She also gave us the scoop on how her Glee role as one of the most popular girls in school scored her a meeting with one very powerfull Hollywood player—one with the power to boost her already-growing career...

"I was never the cool kid," Agron told us. "I had friends. I got by. I kind of explored different social areas of the school, [and] I had my girlfriends." But according to her, she definitely wasn't the Cheerio she's known for playing these days.

"The ebbs and flows of high school social arenas, but yeah, it's a fishbowl. It can be some of the most challenging moments of your life."

Now, the Glee star is in high demand—in fact, Steven Spielberg himself recently tapped her starring role in the sci-fi flick I Am Number Four, due out Feb. 18.

"It was the strangest full circle that was completely unexpected," the starlet dished. "I have a friend who, [during] awards season last year, said, 'I need you to meet my friend Steven.' So I'm waiting there. Steven turns out to be Steven Speilberg! And he says, 'Oh, we've been talking about you.' "

Looks like a lot's changed since high school!

Check out the video to hear the inside scoop on Agron's new movie, how she almost wasn't able to do the part because of that little show called Glee, and why she constantly finds herself apologizing to her fellow castmates.

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