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UPDATE: It's not often one is actually justified in shooting the messenger, but here we go: Joe Estevez is disavowing all knowledge of the opportunistic move perpetrated by his former—got that?—manager Ed Meyer. Charlie Sheen's uncle says that Meyer is no longer professionally associated with him and acted alone in sending the unsolicited story idea to the producers of Two and a Half Men.

"This Ed Meyers fellow is not my manager," he told E! News. "This guy is at best a hanger-on acquaintance. It is a total and complete lie. This guy took it upon himself to write this. That is a defamation of my character for something I did not say and by somebody who doesn't represent me."


Charlie Sheen again?!

Relax, it's not totally about the troubled actor, but more about his estranged uncle Joe Estevez.

It turns out that Estevez is trying to use his nephew's (soon) disappearance from Two and a Half Men to his advantage.

As if without any hesitation, the wannabe actor's manager, Ed Meyer, shoots a letter out to the big heads of the CBS sitcom saying, "just a wild thought...How about a test episode of Two and a Half Men, where Joe [Estevez] comes to housesit while Charlie is on 'vacation'. Your writers could have a ball with this."

He also mentions that Estevez is "by far the funniest of the Sheen and Estevez clan."

And also the most money hungry!

Glad to see a family sticking together in a time of need.

(Originally published Jan. 29, 2011, at 1:55 p.m. PT)

—Reporting by Whitney English

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