Lea Michele, Naya Rivera

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Dear Ted:
You hint that Lea Michele isn't the ultimate evildoer on the Glee set, so if not the Broadway princess then who? Chris Colfer? Still waters run deep. Naya Rivera? She screams cutthroat. Matthew Morrison? His ego seems like it dwarfs Lea's. I almost feel for her taking the fall as the only source of on-set tension when I suspect she's not the only dark heart around. Oh and gotta say loved your interaction with Lea at the Globes. Forget Kurt and Rachel, can you and Lea be frenemies?

Dear Frenemies for Life:
You're right, we never said Lea was the evildoer. Far from it! What's a little attitude? And Naya's not the only naughty castmate either.

Dear Ted:
The world wants Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund to go public. So much chemistry should be shared! Do we know when they started doing whatever they're doing?

Dear Join the Club:
Obviously, everyone thinks these two are super presh after Country Strong, but just because Robsten fell madly in love after their on-set romance doesn't mean these two have to. Totally into the duo, if we can even call them that. But so sure they'll be far from lonely—whomever they're with!

Dear Ted:
I'm very excited to hear that they are finally starting the Hunger Games. Any ideas on who will play the main character, Katniss? I was thinking I could maybe see the girl who plays Hayley (Sarah Hyland) on Modern Family playing her, assuming she can play more than a sassy teenager. Who do you think would be good?

Dear Hungry for Hayley:
She's a beauty, but definitely not rugged enough. I'm all about Mila Kunis right now, although she's probably got movies lined up for days.

Dear Ted:
Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting some interesting roles outside of Twilight. Why is it that all of Rob's roles are talked up like all he can do is bed someone? Kristen does a movie and the talk is she will be excellent in the role and that the script is awesome, with great actors attached. It's like she is well-respected and Rob belongs in the porn section.

Dear Porny Pattz:
Props to you for making me smile in the wee hours of the morning. Rob is so porn material worthy it is almost sickening, but I doubt he would do any real sexy work without his leading lady, no? He seems pretty loyal to us, onscreen bedding down or not.

Dear Ted:
Can you please tell me that my dear sweet Prince William is not King Schlong. He seems too charming to be a Vice, and I would be so disappointed in him! Kisses.

Dear Schlong Charmed:
Are you kidding me? You think I'd blast royalty on the blog? I want an invite to that fab wedding, duh!

Dear Ted:
Does King Schlong know he got herpes from his encounter? Or is he too busy spreading it around to care?

Dear Gets Around:
Who said he has herpes? So far haven't heard any complaints in King's penis department.

Dear Ted:
With the announcement of the Troy Aikman divorce, has he ever been a current or past Blind Vice star? And who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Go Steelers!

Dear The Blind Bowl:
Nope, but he should have been. And clearly, the true victor at the Super Bowl will be Kim Kardashian and her skimpy outfit, since, I'm sure she'll be dating somebody from the Packers by then.

Dear Ted:
I love Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund together. Too cute for words. So do you think they are just pulling a Robsten on us?

Dear Give In To Me:
While everyone watching totally saw that strongass chemistry between these two up-and-comers, Meester is being super meager with her words about the relaysh. K.Stew ring a bell, or what? Too few words from both chicks, but I don't think you can compare Robsten to a country couple. Let's be real, Robsten are stronger than that. 

Dear Ted:
I have to say I am tired of these children asking about Twilight. Can the adults (at least those of us who are above 20, like me) get some info about the Vices behind True Blood? I want info about my fave Alexander Skarsgård

Dear Twin:
, someone who appreciates a true sexy vampire. Glad to have you back, hon! He's still dating the boring blondie (Kate Boswoth), and we're still upset about it. Nothing has changed, at least in that department—unfortunately.

Dear Ted:
You seem to think highly of Natalie Portman, who just recently became pregnant and engaged. The problem is her man was in a committed live-in relationship until about three weeks before Nat debuted him as her boyfriend. Couldn't she just quietly enjoy her stolen man? Did she have to brag about how much he really wanted to sleep with her at the Golden Globes? How cold, narcissistic, insensitive and tacky. And just unnecessary. Annette Bening for the win!

Dear Not Feeling Nat:
I actually thought her speech at the Globes was pretty cutesy and totally candid. She hasn't been playing up the homewrecker role at all. The doll is pretty much hiding that as much as possible. Let her get her moment. She rocked that role, and if she landed a semi-taken man while doing it, so be it.

Dear Ted:
I'm a huge R.Pattz fan. What is your honest opinion of his career post Twilight after the disaster that was Remember Me and a couple of Razzie nominations? People don't seem to be giving him much of a chance. How do you think Water for Elephants will fair?

Dear Never a Nonsten:
Of course, you're a fan. Who here isn't? Must say that people are being a little hard on the dude. I mean, it's not the easiest thing to switch between that Edward Cullen crap and do something a little deeper. Baby steps, people. I'm crossing my fingers that Water for Elephants will do that book justice, and that Reese Witherspoon will help Rob pull it together, seriously.

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