Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

Jack Rowand/The CW

Dear Ted:
Are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki really the boring married men they appear to be, or is it a facade? They are Blind Vices, after all!

Dear Wild Childs:
They certainly aren't as entertaining as they used to be, I'll tell you that. And which Vice's were they, again? Can't say I remember giving anything away.

Dear Ted:
All the crazy media hype over Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes made me think about something. Do beards such as Cruella St. Shackles gasp, secretly grin or shake with fear for the future of their careers if it is found out they are beards? Guilt by association can be a bitch, eh?

Dear Trade-Off:
Please, it's hardly a secret what people do for fame in this town. Love Ricky, but he's not going to go there with someone who has secrets that would shock America. He's not an idiot, contrary to what some circles may believe. Scientologists are clearly fair game.

Dear Ted:
What do you think of Ryan Murphy's diva-ish tantrum about Kings Of Leon choosing not to have their music sung on Glee? I, like most of those who commented, was completely turned off by his egotistic assumption that everyone should jump on the Glee train. Also, who in their right mind would let their kids watch Glee? Does Murphy think 10 year olds should be exposed to the slutty antics of Santana and Brittany? It's entertainment for adults and older teenagers at the youngest!

Dear Parental Controls:
I was totally Team KOL until the drummer stooped to Ryan's level and gave that dumb Twitter response. It would have been best for Nathan Followill to keep his thumbs to himself. Really, though, where do you think the Glee kids get their ‘tude from? Their fearless leader Ryan certainly sets quite the example.

Dear Ted:
Why don't more American actors do foreign films? I'm just thinking as quite a few stars are stuck in a rut as far as movie choices. Wouldn't it blow your mind to see Jennifer Aniston in a gritty, gangland film based in an Australian suburb?

 Dear Team Aniston:
Don't get me wrong, we think Jen is as adorable as they come—but an actress who can take on any role? Not so much. Jen should stick to what she's good at and what we love to see her in. Get her back on TV!

Dear Ted:
Does Alex Meraz really get along with the rest of the Twi-cast as he is claiming? He might have been joking when he congratulated Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner on their Razzie nomination, but I sense a jealous douche. I honestly think it should be he who was nominated, but that's just me.

Dear Limelight Hog:
He's certainly not in Robsten's inner circle if that's what you mean. R and K totally keep to themselves, except for some cast dinner's here and there. Don't think Alex is in the doghouse (Kris did make him a pie after all). But Meraz doesn't strike me as one to every shy away from some time in the spotlight, either.

Dear Ted:
I've been wondering, has my favorite Nevis Divine ever hooked up with Parrish Maguire? How cool would that be?

Dear Hell No:
You're not even close! First off, they are not each other's types. At all. Nevis is bi, whereas Parrish is gay as a rainbow. Those two would never go for each other. What attracted Nevy to Barrington was less physical than it was emotional.

Dear Ted:
Is Cruella St Shackles really Gwyneth "Too Perfect" Paltrow? She seems fake and cold as ice!

Dear So Close:
Such a fab guess, but wrong actress. Think even icier.

Dear Ted:
I recently watched Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. He's a great actor, but he doesn't seem to be as popular as he once was. Do you think he'll have a comeback or will he be more well-known for his phone throwing? Is he happier out of the spotlight with his family in Australia?

Dear Ding Ding Ding!
You nailed it babe. That attitude of his got around faster than any acting acclimations. He needs a stellar new flick stat to put him back on studios' wish lists. And sorry, but his latest movie with Elizabeth Banks certainly wasn't it. 

Dear Ted:
My rescue kitty, Twilight, and I read your column every day, and love you dearly! We both have a guess on a B.V. that hasn't been mentioned in a while. Could Valyrie Tress-Trap be Evan Rachel Wood? I mean, she has gone through some weird phases where sex is involved (and so has her character on True Blood!). Not to mention she seems like the social-climber type who wouldn't care who she used to get herself to the top. If I'm wrong, will you at least give us an update on Miss Val? Twilight is just purring with excitement!

Dear Luscious Guess:
Oh how close you are! Like so close. But Evan Rachel Wood ain't this B.V.

Dear Ted:
I've read you for a long time and no matter how bad I feel, you always make me laugh. Now I' m starting to worry about you. Kristen Stewart is the only one who gets you through that Twilight crap. Seriously. Most critics can't understand why Edward and Jacob give a crap about Bella because of the way Stewart portrays her. Are you sure you're all right? In the first film, Hardwicke did manage to extract something out of both R and K. In the last two, Taylor stole the show.

Dear Jokes:
Hey, it's not Taylor or Rob's fault! But seriously, the lines they have to work with are laughable. I don't think any of their acting is the problem. It's the hideous scripts put in front of them. 

Dear Ted:
Any dirt on Nina Dobrev?

Dear Vampy Girl:
But of course! She may be in our Blind Vice section, but it's not a biggie, promise. I dig her.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester? Are they a couple or not? Hope they are!

Dear Wait and See:
As we've said, they've been très cozy before. And Leighton certainly is keeping her pretty lips shut on the matter...and Country Strong isn't even a flick she has to promote anymore! That always bodes well in the non-fauxmance arena.

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