Jimmy Buffett

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Update Jan. 27, 2011: Buffett was released from a Sydney hospital Thursday and a brief statement on margaritaville.com said he "is doing well" after not seeing a drop in front of a concert stage and falling to the concrete floor below.


Don't blame it on the margaritas.

Jimmy Buffett was hospitalized Tuesday night after falling off the stage and injuring his head during a concert in Sydney, Australia.

No word whether he was searching for his lost shaker of salt, but we hope he's OK. Here's how it happened...

Per the Australian Telegraph, the laid-back rocker was performing the final gig of a four-night stand in the Aussie city with his Coral Reefer band when he crooned "It's been a lovely cruise / I'm sorry it's ended" and then fell face first into the crowd.

Shocked Parrotheads told the paper that Buffett, 64, hit his head on the ground in front of the first row and lay bleeding while security argued with a man in the audience. Paramedics quickly rushed in to tend to him before eventually carting him off in an ambulance.

The "Margaritaville" singer's condition remains unknown. A rep for Buffett was unavailable for comment.

TMZ reported that the entertainer lay unconscious for about five to 10 minutes. He is now in stable condition at Sydney's St. Vincent's hospital after being treated for a gash in his noggin and will remain there for observation.

As for why the incident happened, eyewitness accounts vary. 

One fan who saw the spill said flashing stage lights during Buffett's solo may have temporarily blinded him. Another fan told TMZ it appeared the entertainer was trying to leap off stage to shake hands with audience members and may have simply mistimed the jump, hitting his head on a metal bar.

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