Betty White

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Even at 89, Betty White is still a party girl.

The iconic actress celebrated her birthday last Tuesday with a big bash hosted by TV Land at Le Cirque restaurant in New York City with celeb pals like Valerie Bertinelli, Sherri Shepherd and Jack McBrayer.

The revelers enjoyed crab cakes, hot dogs and plenty of cocktails while encouraging the silver-haired sensation to jump on a table and really cut loose...

"She was eating hot dogs and throwing back vodka—Grey Goose, rocks, lime rim," one partygoer told E! News. "She was amazing. We were all trying to get her to table dance. We were chanting 'Betty! Betty!' and trying to get her up there all night. And that was after a very busy day. She was laughing at all of it. We thought maybe she would, but she was shaking her head and saying, 'Oh no! No.'"

The guest says that when the Facebook phenom's gigantic red and white "Happy Birthday Betty" birthday cake (from event company MKG and her Hot in Cleveland costars) arrived, she was pretty, uh, giggly—but her feet stayed firmly planted on the floor.

White mixed the night up, mingling with pals then eating with a bodyguard nearby before heading back to her hotel. White's actual birthday was the previous day.

Happy 89th to the Golden Girl!

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