The 2011 Grammys are still a few weeks away, but English indie rocker Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is already pumped.

"I'm so excited!" she gushed to E! News during an interview at the Sundance Film Festival. But when the Justin Bieber was mentioned as a possible rival for Best New Artist (an award he won at the VMAs), Welch showed no signs of being nervous. Is she ready?

"I am just really happy to be nominated and to go out there and just see what happens." Ah, classic English modesty. But awards competition aside, the two stars have more in common than they think.

She may not have been discovered on YouTube, but like Bieber  she had to prove herself in somewhat smaller venues before her big break. Welch went from singing in little pubs in London to wowing us all with her performance at last year's MTV Video Music Awards.

And as she told us, it's those small performances that transformed her into such a showstopper.

"I was always pretty loud. I think that was part of it...where the style of singing came from, having to get people's attention," Welch said. "Everyone's talking and drinking and you kind of really have to command the room. I kind of learned actually how to control it more and now what's lucky is people are already listening and I don't have to shout to get their attention."

She definitely has ours.

Check out the video to hear more from Welch on how she is handling her blossoming career and why she was going down the Park City slopes in a ball gown.

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