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Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen, Leighton Meester

Dimitrious Kambouris/WireImage; Jordan Struass/WireImage; Denise Truscello/WireImage

Based on her rocker image, we, of course, know Taylor Momsen has traded in her sweet days as a child star for a more controversial persona. 

Graduating from her Cindy Lou Who pigtails, the raccoon-eyed rebel has already stripped down in her music video, Make Me Wanna Die, at the tender age of 16. 

More recently, Kelly Osbourne was announced as the new face of Material Girl, the clothing line that Momsen represented in 2010.

So, we must ask then, where does T.M. rank on the delicious naughty scale in comparison to her gorgeous Gossip Girl costars, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

A little too naughty, apparently.

"Let's just say she's not exactly missed on set," dishes a GG insider.

Momsen is on hiatus, so to type, from the show—and her attention-craving behavior is hardly missed, so we're told.

Still, it's always been about Blake and Leighton as the It girls on set. And they know it, too.

"They're friendly, but I wouldn't say they are good friends," explains our source. "They are both looked at as fashion icons, so sure there's some competition there."

But the most normal of the bunch? Are you ready for this?

"Jessica Szohr."

 No kidding?

"She's actually very down to Earth," describes our on-set spy. "The cast usually chooses Ed [Westwick] when they are in one of their off moments, but she's not a diva at all on set."

Still, now that Taylor's gone, we're told it's pretty smooth sailing—off screen.

"We're counting down the moments until Blake is ready to leave, though, then the show will be done."

Not exactly the message Taylor wanted to hear, we're sure.