Conan O'Brien

Art Streiber/TBS

Talk about your must-see TV.

He may be basic cable's hottest commodity, but that's not stopping Conan O'Brien from heading once more back into the fray of network television. Make that, prime-time network television.

Sounds like someone's a glutton for punishment. But could it be? Is he cooking up his own version of 10@10? Is—horror of horrors—Conan reteaming with NBC?

Well, what do you think? Of course not!

But he is joining forces with CBS (take that, Peacock), which just picked up the CoCo-produced comedy pilot Vince Uncensored.

The half-hour show marks the first project to result from Conaco Production's development deal with Warner Bros., signed after his disastrous exit from NBC.

The show will follow a man who, after undergoing a life-changing experience, takes a more honest approach to both his personal and professional lives.

Gee, wonder where he got that idea.

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