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Just read that Nic Kidman and Keith Urban did their surrogate in the U.S. because it would be less publicity than in Australia where they are apparently stalked by the paps. Are there any other stars we would be surprised to know are huge in other countries or vice versa? And no, you can't say the Hoff and Germany!
—Jacquie S., via Facebook

I would never do that to you—promise—though I may make you sad when I tell you about another beloved star who never got quite so much love in his home of Australia as he did here...

...And that, apparently, was the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. He was loved in Australia, but he was huge here.

There's also the Black Eyed Peas. As much as you might like Fergie's lady lumps, the band apparently sells a lot more albums away from here—twice as many records, reportedly, Over There as Here. There's a similar situation with James "You're Beautiful" Blunt, according to a record exec familiar with his sales.

Here's another tidbit for you: Remember That '70s Show? Sure you do. I have it on good authority that the stars of that show have no problem vacationing in places like Paris, or in Asia. But in South America, they're huge.

Finally, we come to soap stars. A source who would know tells me that the cast of —of all things—The Bold and the Beautiful are "HUGE in Italy and Australia."

"Most of those people are bigger than any of the Friends cast," he tells me.

Maybe Jennifer Aniston should move to Sydney.

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