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Robert Pattinson, Beyonce Knowles

Dennis Van Tine/LFI/ZUMAPress.com; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Think what you will about Clint Eastwood directing Beyoncé in a musical remake of A Star Is Born (we're still trying to wrap our heads around it), but one thing is for sure: casting of the movie's male lead is already becoming one of Hollywood's most popular conversations.

We certainly have some ideas of who the Oscar winning director should go for. Dare we say Robert Pattinson? How about Usher? Or even B's real life hubby, Jay-Z?

And we've got some more. Take our poll below...

And don't forget!

If none of our suggestions suit your fancy, feel free to fill up our comments sections with your thoughts on who should (or shouldn't) be making some big screen music magic with everyone's favorite Destiny's Child dreamgirl.