Another week of Soup has come and gone, but those delicious hunks of lovingly basted hilarity are still partially edible. Let's reach into the back of the fridge and dig into the best of the batch.

1. American Idol: The new season has barely begun, and the judges' opinions may ultimately be at odds, but Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler have already found something they can bond over. J-Lo's ass.

Keep going, folks. More thrills are a mere click away!

2. My Strange Addiction: Finally, a show featuring someone eating something that even Andrew Zimmern wouldn't put in his mouth. A couch.

3. The BachelorBrad Womack has his pick of some real winners this go 'round. Among the gaggle of charmers is desperate Alli, who hopes the bachelor appreciates a hot, sexy lady. With stain-free armpits. Step aside, diamonds, Apparently deodorant is the new girl's best friend.

4. Ask Oprah's All-Stars: The pained, the depressed and the afflicted now have a ray of hope, thanks to Oprah and her crack team of specialists. But can Dr. Oz handle a woman whose breath falls somewhere to the right of mustard gas? Or is that Suze Orman's territory?

5. Jake Pavelka: That whole Bachelor thing may not have exactly worked out for smilin' Jake, but he's not limping back into obscurity yet, thanks to a guest shot on The Bold and the Beautiful. Guess what? He's not only a pilot, he plays one on TV.

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