Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhaal


Oh lord, here we go again.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted grabbing dinner in Nashville last night near Taylor's apartment, so it's safe to say their run-in wasn't accidental.

A dinner patron claimed the two were "not affectionate."

Jake had been in L.A. for Golden Globes craziness, where the freshly single stud was never hurting for female company. For example: Jenny Lewis, Mila Kunis and one Swift enemy, Camilla Belle.

So what gives here?

Don't be quick to think Jaylor are on again.

T is working that cute little behind off, and if we've learned anything from her albums, she's one to hold a grudge against a dude. And let's just say she wasn't thrilled with the way Jake pulled the plug (although she can thank Reese Witherspoon for that one).

Really though, Jake was on his game this weekend, happily chatting and flirting with any lady that crossed his path.

It's the best we've seen J.G. look in a long time. Maybe in Nashville he was just apologizing to T.Swift in person for the Camilla Belle rumors? He is a good guy, after all.

Don't get us wrong, we totally heart Swift, but these two are so much better apart than they are together.

We're getting a caffeine-overload headache just thinking about Jaylor, round two.

We've reached out to Taylor's and Jake's reps for comment but have yet to hear back, which isn't exactly a good thing: Silence often means something's up.

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