Guess Who?


Maybe we've just got Steven Tyler on the brain today, but, well, dude looks like a lady.

Specifically, a lady that seems to be equal parts Snooki and Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

Still, for 46 years old, we'll give him kudos for doing his thing—just like his current fellow funny costar who also tried (to less success, if you can imagine) to get his girly on.

So, who is he? Or, more to the point, "And you are…?"

It's David Spade!

The cross-dressing is, of course, for a movie role, as Spade was spotted in costume (and what a costume it is) on the set of Jack & Jill. Paparazzi caught his costar Adam Sandler pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire of his own back in October while on set.

"Shooting a scene in 'Jack and Jill' w Adam this week so I got spray tanned," Spade tweeted in explanation. "I play a jersey girl. Looked a bit overcooked at golden globes."

Incidentally, we're not being any harder on Spade than he already has been on himself.

"Ps I look even worse as a chick. If poss…" he tweeted.

Way to sell tickets, boys.

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