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One of our fave E! darlings, Kim Kardashian made the party rounds on Golden Globes night, and it's no surprise that this bombshell knows how to work the room.

But we were shocked she picked the Fox party to schmooze at. Just check out K.K.'s twitter. It's all about Glee, Glee, and more Glee.

So is this babe—who is about to drop her first single—vying for a spot on the hit show?

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You bet. And bad, too!

Kim is a smart broad who would never turn down a guest role. But one small problem—sources on set tell us it's unlikely it will happen.

"I would be very surprised if Ryan [Murphy] created a part for her," explains an on-set higher-up.

"With the guest stars we've had like Gwyneth Paltrow, Javier Bardem, and soon we'll have Anne Hathaway, it's doubtful she'd be the kind of star they would want."


If Kim was able to lock down Kanye West to help her out with her album and video we would never count this girl out to get what she wants.

Especially if she's buddy-buddy with Lea Michele. That girl's going to be to Glee what Lisa Kudrow was to Friends.

We'll have to put our lovely colleague Kristin Dos Santos to get to the bottom of whether she'll be invited or not.

Would you want K.K on the hit show? Sound off below!

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