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Diva is a touchy word, but could it really apply to Alec Baldwin?

When the 30 Rock star stopped to chat with E!'s own Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet of the Golden Globes, the host dropped a joking hint that maybe, just maybe, the comedy star was a diva.

Well, that did not sit well with Baldwin, who immediately went on a humorous defensive.

"When you say I'm a diva, that has a whole other context!" Baldwin told Seacrest. "You're trying to row your way out of this, but you called me a diva, and that has a certain connotation."

But that was just one topic the duo covered.

In a night of quick hellos and goodbyes, Alec was gracious enough to spend an extra few minutes talking to us, and it seemed like no topic was off-limits.

Ryan prepped Alec for his Globes award presentation with Jennifer Lopez and tried to get to the bottom of the star's political aspirations. But not before Baldwin turned the interviewing tables and peppered Seacrest with his own series of questions.

What'd he want to know? Check out the video to hear more!