Christian Bale

Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP Images

"Thank God for comedians," long-haired, sexy as anything Christian Bale told me backstage, right after winning Best Supporting actor for The Fighter.

"They have the most important job."

Even when it means hosts like Ricky Gervais taking on sacred cows like Charlie Sheen and closeted celebs?

"Yeah," answered Bale, with a fire in his eyes.

Does he think fellow Brit Gervais went too far, targeting Scientology, gay movie stars and Brangelina?

"I hope he keeps going further!" barked Bale.

As do we!

Think Gervais will be hosting next year? Let's hope more brave folks think like Bale and will make it happen—Gervais's a breath of friggin' ef-you air!

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