Christina Aguilera, Julianne Hough

Anita Bugge/, Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Bvlgari

Me-ouch! The claws were out this weekend as Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough had a hissing match at a pre-Golden Globes bash.

And, sources tell E! News, it looked like Aguilera was one the who wanted to do the bashing.

So what went down?

The confrontation took place Friday at a party hosted by CAA at the Soho House in West Hollywood attended by the likes of Julia Roberts, Colin Firth, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Ryan Seacrest, Hough's boyfriend and a CAA client, was not present.

But Aguilera was, and she apparently wasn't too psyched to see Burlesque costar Hough.

"Christina really got in her face," an eyewitness told E! News, saying that Aguilera unleashed a verbal barrage at Hough.

Onlookers said Aguilera even grabbed Hough, leading the Dancing With the Stars hoofer to snap, "Don't touch me!"

Before the two separated, Aguilera threatened to torpedo Hough's burgeoning country singing career. Hough was said to be "visibly upset" by the incident, according to one insider. "The whole thing was troubling. People felt bad for Julianne."

Aguilera's rep, however, described the report as "nonsense."

Reps for Hough could not be reached for comment.

No word on what touched off the CAA fracas, but a source familiar with the situation tells E! News that despite reports of a budding friendship between the two, Aguilera never got along with Hough during the making of Burlesque.

Too bad the movie wasn't this interesting.

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