TV Pregnancy Spoiler Guessing Game

 In our latest spoiler game, we told you one of the lovely female TV characters pictured above is preggo, and, in our fastest reveal yet (don't blink!), many of you now know the answer! In case you missed it (and apparently don't watch the show in question—tsk, tsk) here is the "reveal":

The pregnant femme fatale is Callie Torres, aka Sara Ramirez, on Grey's Anatomy—who revealed in last night's shocker of an episode that she is indeed carrying a Mini McSteamy in her belly.

In you missed it: She had relations of a Biblical proportion with Mark Sloan, aka Eric Dane, earlier this season, while on a break from her AWOL ladylove Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). Clearly, this shakes things up not only for Callie and Arizona, but also Mark and Lexie (Chyler Leigh). Do you fans love this twist or hate it?

Also solid contenders for upcoming pregnancies this season: Lily from How I Met Your Mother and Altlivia on Fringe. Who else are you hoping acquires a bun in the oven—or not—of the contenders above?

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