Vanessa Hudgens

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Dear Ted:
Is Lucretia Johnson the lovesick Vanessa Hudgens?

Dear Slightly Out of Tune:
Not a bad guess at all, but definitely not Miss V. And give ‘Nessa a little more credit! She may want Zac Efron back like whoa, but she's a hot babe who would hardly have a difficult time moving on in this town. But she'll most likely get what she wants, and that's Efron running back.

Dear Ted:
I hate Zac Efron with Vanessa Hudgens. I was so glad to hear they broke up. Any chance Zac will get with his new costar? I would love that.

Dear Single Not Mingle:
Well, pals insist he was nothing more than costars with Taylor Schilling. I agree. I think Zac is too young and sexy to be tied down. He's also very impressionable to those who are guiding him—this includes possessive and bossy Hudgens. Boyfriend needs to slut it up! Same goes for Vanessa, really. If these two settle down too early there's nothin' but trouble ahead. And unfortunately, that's how it's looking. Let's not all gag at once, or shall we?

Dear Ted:
I've been thinking about the poll asking whether anyone would care about James Franco's sexual orientation. For me, sexual orientation and the right for same sex marriage is a no-brainer—legalize it because it's a friggin' human right, not a privilege! So, I could care less about entertainers and who they want to date/marry/sleep with. But I do draw the line at bigotry and will boycott any actors who dabble in such hatred (Mel Gibson...Isaiah Washington). But coming out shouldn't be career suicide!

Dear Open Mind:
Thanks, H, we need more of you in this world! But the problem is when people can't separate these actors' personal lives from their careers. Let's just take Leonardo DiCaprio for example (because he's actually straight as a handmade arrow). Let's pretend he were gay and came out...There goes his loyal fan girl following. Again, pretending here, but if someone like James Franco were to come out. I think he could totally do it. He's not a Hollywood heartthrob. He's just a friggin' good actor!

Dear Ted:
I haven't written in a while, but I miss you! I'm so tired of all the haters bugging you...I'm a huge fan of Kristen Stewart, but I do tend to agree with some people that it seems like she plays the same character in every movie she's in. For my 2011 wish list, I would like to see her play a strong, intelligent-type. A medical student, a lawyer, an activist. (My heart broke when she didn't get cast as Lisbeth Salander) I love her to death, but I can literally feel her discomfort when she's in public. Maybe playing some character that has a lot of confidence will help her to build her own. What say you?

Dear Agree...Sorta:
I'm definitely excited for On the Road; I think that's something different. But I totally think that she should play a character we would never expect her to tackle. Just because Twilight is a commercial success doesn't mean she should shy away from blockbuster flicks forever.

Dear Ted:
You said Nevis Divine was in love right now...and with his female love interest. That's always good news to hear—love is grand! But does his ladylove welcome these feelings or even return them? Or is she being careful, given his past pattern of always going back to his first love interest? Or maybe she's OK with an open setup?

Dear Duh:
Of course, why else would they be together?

Dear Ted;
Has Miss Costar ever fooled around with the ladies?

Dear It's a Girl Thing:
Sure she has. Most Hollywood chicks have at some point.

Dear Ted:
You little stinker. You said "I'll bite" and answered the question about Tom Sturridge yesterday, but you just told us what we already know, that Tom is very close to someone with a B.V. Robert Pattinson, duh! But the real question is, does Tommy have his own B.V.? Will you bite now?

Dear What:
You mean you're an intelligent reader? You should have seen all the hate male I got that somehow I outted TomStu. Ridiculous!

Dear Ted;
I'd love for you to give your insider opinion on 2010. Which breakup were you most surprised by in 2010? Which hookup was a shocker? Were any cheaters that were exposed in 2010 a surprise to you or did you have the goods on pretty much all of them? Who were you the proudest or most disappointed of in 2010? Which B.V. did your readers come the closest to solving? Love, love, love your column. It helps me escape real life for a few minutes a day.

Dear In Order U Asked:
Reese Witherspoon
and Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift and John Mayer, David Boreanaz, James Franco and Oprah, Me-Me Dallas. You're very welcome!

Dear Ted:
I forgot Omarion was even alive until I heard some rumors that he may be bisexual earlier this week. Any way he's Oded Good-Head?

Dear Gossip Mill:
Not OGH, but please, do spill on those rumors?

Dear Ted:
Has Abbie Cornish been on a Blind Vice?

Dear Vice Virgin:
That would be a no. Think pretty much everyone is aware of what she and Ryan Philippe did during their free time filming Stop-Loss—and after.

Dear Ted:
I absolutely adore everything about Kristen Stewart! I think she is a wonderful and talented actress. One of my favorite things about her (and Rob) is that they haven't let fame inflate their egos like most celebs these days. I like the fact that they don't prance around flaunting themselves for the paps. It shows that they are normal people who just so happen to be famous, not to mention the hottest couple in Hollywood. My question is: If we all knew the identity of Kristen's Blind Vice, would she seem less lovably down-to-earth? In other words, less like the girl next door? Thanks so much!
Kloset Krisbian

Dear Rest Easy:
I would say no. Then again, for anyone who would think differently, I don't think they can be called a true Krisbian.

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