Raising Hope

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

As further proof that Raising Hope is one of the few (only?) successful freshman comedies of the current TV season, Fox kicked off its press day for TV Critics today with news that the series is getting an early season-two pickup.

So what's the secret formula? We just shared a few doughnut holes (really) over breakfast with the cast to find out...

"I think that it's funny," star Lucas Neff says of the show's magic formula. (Ahhh! Why didn't those other shows think of that?) "I think that if it wasn't funny, people probably wouldn't watch. And also, it's [about] people who really care and generally do nice things."

Coming up in the second half of the season, Lucas' onscreen ladylove Shannon Woodward teases: "Amy Sedaris is on, which is really great. Mary Lynn Rajskub [24's famous frowner Chloe]. And [The Closer's] J.K. Simmons...The show just keeps getting funnier."

So how would their characters celebrate good news like this?

"A keg," Shannon insists.

"Definitely a keg and a keg stand," adds Lucas with a laugh. "Lots and lots of keg stands...I feel fantastic. This is just a miracle that continues to happen, so now I'm trying not to mess it up."

Anyone else excited for the Raising Hope news? If so, can you send a keg to the Pasadena Langham Hotel right now so we can see Lucas and Shannon in action? Thanks.

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