James Franco

Courtesy of Dave Allocca/StarPix

We read through your comments on our James Franco piece where he talked about his attraction to gay roles and found them very fascinating.

First off, no one here was trying to hide that James has dated girls before. He had been in a very long relationship with his high school sweetheart, though no one has seen her around in ages.

But that wasn't exactly our point...

We never said Franco was gay!

What we're more interested in is the hypothetical situation if he was.

Would it change your viewpoint of James the actor or James himself? See, it wouldn't for us, like, at all.

We love that J.F. is the only dude in Hollywood who even comes close to honestly talking about these issues. If more actors did the same, then we wouldn't have a Blind Vice archive full of closeted and unhappy Tinseltown dudes.

But we've done enough typing.

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If James Franco were gay and came out, would it changed how you viewed him?
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