It looks like Slim Shady may be heading back to the silver screen.

Eminem, who made quite an impressive acting debut nine years ago in 8 Mile, is very close to signing on to star in a new crime thriller.

The movie, titled Random Acts of Violence, would find the rapper playing an ex-con just released from prison who is trying to stay out of trouble despite pressure from his old partners-in-crime to get back into the game. Meanwhile, the FBI is hoping to persuade him to help them bring down his former group of bad guy buddies, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While there's no word yet on when it would begin shooting, writer-director David Von Ancken (Californication) will most likely be helming the project.

This bit of possible casting news comes on the heels of news last month that Em is also contemplating a starring role as a pugilist in the big-screen boxing drama Southpaw.

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