Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber went on a yacht trip together? How does a kid get his own yacht vacation?
Dwimbo, via the inbox

Huh? You mean you don't let your teenage son rent a yacht whenever he wants time alone with his new girlfriend? Gee, you must have a serious case of the meanies. As for exactly how Bieber scored his recent Caribbean yacht trip with Selena Gomez, here's how such things are done out here ...

"Justin wouldn't charter the yacht as he is not old enough," says David Horne of the travel agency Cosmopolite.  Instead, in cases like this, Horne says, management companies generally handle such details. "A 16-year-old can not sign a contract on a $300,000 yacht charter. It would have to be his immediate family or his handlers."

In other words, the yachts are rented in the name of the manager adult, and the kids' names are then added to the passenger manifest.

"I'm 95 percent confident that  the transaction was done thru his manager, Scooter," echoes Lyndsey Green of Pat Walker Travel. "It's totally the norm that everything goes through management."

And Green would know.

"I used to handle Lil Bow Wow's travel, back when he was still ‘Li'l'," Green says. "I literally took orders and requests from a 15-year-old would call me up and have me reserve him limos and hotel rooms and everything. It always made me chuckle."

There is also the possibility that the yacht was on loan from a friend, even a famous one. If so, Bieber's people don't necessarily want you to know which friend; his publicist didn't return a request for comment.

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