Lindsay Lohan

UPDATE: Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, insists Lindsay stayed sober while in Betty Ford, despite what the Palm Desert PD's investigation.


Lindsay Lohan has had her first good omen since leaving rehab.

Yesterday the rehabbed starlet ran smack into her movie mom Jamie Lee Curtis, who has been "like a second mother" to the actress since they starred in Freaky Friday together, says Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan.

What went down when the two saw each other? And why was it such a good sign?

Michael tells E! News that Lindsay has admired Jamie since the two were costars and that Jamie was responsible for getting Lindsay involved in Teen Line, a crisis line for troubled teenagers.

The run-in between the longtime sober Curtis and newly sober Lohan was actually a complete coincidence.

"Absolute coincidence," says Michael. "We were waiting in the [building] lounge for 15 seconds or so when Jamie Lee walked in."

Maybe a coincidence, but also a welcome sign.

"We will see that all the people that were in Lindsay's life when things were going well, when she was in Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, are now coming back into her life," Michael said. "She is going back to her roots, going back to all the people who were in her life when she was doing good. I believe she is going to prove to the entire Industry she is back for good."

Michael said of Lindsay's gym visit yesterday that she is "really putting structure back in her life."

As for reports Lindsay will move if Sam wants her too, Michael says that is true.

"If it is going to make a problem, she will move," says Michael. "But she has already paid one month rent."

As for Lindsay's latest troubles stemming from the Betty Ford incident, Michael says Lindsay has no intention of filing charges against Dawn Holland, adding, "For the Riverside DA to pursue this is horrible."
And in brand new Betty Ford news, the Palm Desert Police Department believes that Lindsay had used drugs and alcohol while inside the rehab center. Her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells E! not the case.
"I had numerous conversations with Betty Ford counselors and doctors over the course of Lindsay's treatment there and it was never suggested by anyone that she ever drank or used drugs," she said. "Her discharge letter from the facility is totally consistent with that."

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