LeAnn Rimes


Guess our little hunch about LeAnn Rimes yesterday was correct. A source confirms to E! the newly engaged starlet did get a boob job about three weeks ago.

"She went to Dr. Garth Fisher, the same doctor who did Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife's boobs after she had kids."

So what's weirder than her sharing a surgeon with Brandi Glanville, the woman whose husband Rimes stole?


"She asked for the exact same implant size as Brandi," sasses our insider.

And our source insists this isn't the first time LeAnn has pulled a "single white female" on her fiancé's ex.

Remember, Glanville was not too thrilled when Rimes "invaded her space," buying a house a block and a half away from her.

But apparently it doesn't stop there.

"Everything Brandi buys or is photographed in, LeAnn copies," dishes a pal.

"She has bought the same Alexander McQueen purses as Brandi, the same YSL shoes, her hairstyle, her sunglasses," rants the friend. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this is just getting creepy."

Maybe they just have really similar taste in clothes? After all, they certainly do in men.

What do you all think? Is this one big coincidence, or did Rimes finally cross the line with her new pair of knockers?

Also, LeAnn, who's known to take to Twitter more than most humans breathe air, has been oddly silent on the subject, save a vague reference or two to a "spice rack." Is that the babe's weirdo confirmation?

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