Blind Vice lesbians

So while our fabulously vexed, killer closeted lesbian Butter Pussy has shown she has what it takes to defend herself, now it's her turn to be defended. Though you'll never guess who's sticking up for the megatalented star (who just happens to prefer girls, not boys, in bed).

Remember the same docs who tattled on Fake à la Ferocity's synthetic heroine use? These are fancy, licensed medical folk who are used to catering to (a lot) Hollywood's elite. And this is what some of them are now saying about Butter's infamous battle with denying her true sexuality...

"It's a disorder," piped one of the docs who actually treats people with mental disorders. "She actually believes what she's telling you when she says she's not gay. She has totally convinced herself this is the truth."

Added another Ph.D. type: "Don't forget. Deep down inside, something about her feels it's wrong."

Wow. That's really sad. A super-gifted performer could have the world at her feet (some say she already does), even if she told them she actually liked to get it on with chicks—which she so does, trust us on this one. We have even spoken to a few of her femme notches.

But listen, this is also really twisted crap. Look what this town does to people? Turns them into even bigger, self-delusional egos than they already are!

Man up, Butter, and tell your fans—and yourself—who you really are.

And It Ain't:
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