Brad Womack, the Bachelor

Edward Herrera/ABC

Forgoing eHarmony and, 30 stunning young women incapable of finding a man on their own once again leave their self-respect at the door to find true love with The Bachelor's fool proof gang-dating system. Not to mention gaining a paycheck in the process.

Notorious commitment-phobe Brad Womack from season 11 is back as the prize stud, but don't worry. He's changed. In fact, his therapist and family are on hand to offer testamonials so earnest it makes you wonder whether he's looking for a soul mate or up for parole.

Here, weepy Brad tells us where it all went wrong. 







"When I got back to Austin, I was alone."

You're not alone, Brad. Just look at all those 80 proof friends you've got lined up on the mini bar.

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