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    Can You Spot the Difference(s) on LeAnn Rimes?

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    LeAnn Rimes
    LeAnn Rimes Bauer-Griffin.com; Flynet Pictures

    We know LeAnn Rimes certainly should be celebrating right now.

    She finally announced her engagement (which actually happened a while ago despite their denials) to Eddie Cibrian. And aside from being blacklisted from a New Years Eve bash in Cabo, she seemed very happy with her hubby-to-be on their tropical getaway.

    But is it just us, or does something else look perky besides her attitude?

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    We're not jumping to conclusions (aka saying she got a boob job), but her chest certainly seems a little larger.

    Don't you think?

    Just look at her relaxed and more natural looking in August of 2009, chumming with her man on the beach.

    And, then, whoa D-Cup baby, get a load of LeAnn on the left last week in Mexico. Could we get some tequila shots with those ta-tas?

    For the record, we don't have anything against BJs, at least, not if they look (and feel) good. It looks damn good on Victoria Bee-Stings, right?

    Although we're sure Rimes is just wearing a fabosh push-up bathing suit. Right?

    If—and we mean if—LeAnn did get some sort of enhancement, we just hope it was her choice to do it and not some desperate attempt to make Mr. Cibrian happy and faithful.

    After all, a cheater is always a cheater, if you catch our drift.

    We'll be awaiting your tweet denial any time now, LeAnn!

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