Moisturizing Legs

Traveling during the holidays exposed our skin to everything from rain and cold temperatures to overheated hotel rooms. Lots of fun but terrible for the complexion. So we've come up with a few beauty tips to compensate during the winter season:

Don't spend too long in the bath or shower—the hot water feels divine but a long soak is extremely drying. Once you're done, jump out and slather on an SPF15 moisturizer as quickly as possible to trap water in your skin's surface cells. You might also want to consider switching to an oil-based moisturizer for the winter to keep your skin as supple as possible. And a weekly exfoliating session to slough off dead skin cells (with something like Olay's new Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir) helps, too! And don't forget about your lips! They'll also need plenty of balm (with an SPF included, natch!) applied early and often. 

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