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Jacob Cohl / AP Photo /The O and M Co.

First he was walking, now he's talking.

Injured Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Broadway star Christopher Tierney took his first steps Friday since falling more than 20-feet doing a stunt during a Dec. 20 preview performance. Now the 32-year-old is opening up about his harrowing onstage accident for the first time.

What did he have to say?

"The last thing I remember was, like, uh, just going, 'Oh, God,'" Tierney tells WCBS-TV news in an exclusive interview airing tonight at 11.

"I was falling, and then I saw, once I hit the darkness of the stage, I had to just turn it real quick, so I wasn't going to fall on my head and I crashed on my back."

The stuntman suffered four broken ribs, a hairline skull fracture, a broken scapula, a bruised lung, three cracked vertebrae and broken bones below his elbow after his harness came loose during the climax of the cursed Broadway production.

The show went dark for two days following the accident and Tierney spent eight days at Bellevue Hospital. He was then moved to a rehabilitation center and will head home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Wednesday.

New safety precautions and rules were put in place for the $65 million production, which has seen four cast members injured.

Tierney's father, Tim, says that, incredibly, his son is planning to return to the show.

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