Sarah Palin somehow manages to keep causing trouble, even in claymation form.

Conan O'Brien took to his website Thursday to issue a formal (or as formal as Conan can get) apology for airing a sketch on Wednesday's show very similar to the one Jimmy Kimmel had done two weeks prior.

The Conan sketch featured a combination of the claymation classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and clips from Sarah Palin's Alaska. Basically, the former Vice Presidential candidate ruins hopes and dreams of Christmas for every boy and girl by shooting Rudolph.

When fans of Kimmel cried "copycat!" on Conan's sketch, the TBS host posted a video on to apologize and even reveal other instances of his show's plagarism.

Conan's sketch has since been taken off his website, but you can check out Kimmel's Rudolp/Palin bloodbath below.

For those who saw the Conan created Rudolph sketch, which one do you think was better? Was it just a remarkable coincidence or was Conan right to apologize to Kimmel?

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