Actress, From Behind, Paparazzi


Have a hot date coming up? There are all sorts of beauty secrets you can borrow from the pros to make a big impact. After all, these makeup artists have to make sure their celebrity clients make it from one end of the red carpet to the other without ever looking wilted—while the whole world is watching!

Forget falsies, just add more mascara.  Apply several coats of your favorite mascara, it gives your lashes natural volume and adds drama to the eyes without having to worry about any strays creeping down your face!

Use a lip pencil along with your lipstick or gloss the next time you need your makeup to go the extra mile. That way you'll still have a color stain on your lips after the glossy stuff rubs off and needs to be reapplied.

Dampen your makeup applicator before applying eyeshadow. Once that first layer dries, top it with more dry powder. The alternating layers will give your color more depth and staying power.

For a final flourish, dust your face with a light sweeping of powder, like COVERGIRL's Professional Loose Powder. The sheer coverage will give your face a beautiful finish and set your makeup in place for hours.

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