Sarah Palin

Gilles Mingasson/TLC

Once again, Sarah Palin's Alaska gives us a taste of the good outdoor times to be had in the 49th state.

Which apparently involves being cold and wet most of the time.

In this episode, the ex-governor takes her gang river rafting, aided by a mulleted guide named Mud Flap who introduces the adventurers to an Alaskan tuxedo. That's nothing like a rusty trombone, by the way. Everyone is pumped for thrills, and this time, hubby Todd plays a special part.



"Luckily, Todd volunteered to play Mr. Mom."

Hey that's a real step forward from Mr. Guy Who Stands Silently Off Camera. Maybe soon he can work up to Mr. Guy Who Carries Thirty-Aught-Six Cartridges.

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